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How Does The Government Spend Your Tax?

Each year we all file our taxes, and questions like “where my money” or “I really need to pay my taxes” may simply appear in our minds every now and then. Taxes are the heart of the country that contributes to the development of its various sectors. But to be more specific about the taxes, read on for a quick overview of how the government spends the taxes paid by the citizens:

1. Taxes paid tax on personal income, corporate income tax, FICA tax, excise taxes, estate, and gift tax, etc. go to many departments or areas of government to help support its programs for the benefit of citizens. A certain percentage of the total tax will go to the army, which is responsible for maintaining the security of countries in the alien invasion.

2. Health is one of the main things that your taxes are spent on. This may be because of the rising cost of medical equipment and medicines and longer life for people with chronic diseases. Medicare’s national system of government, Medicare, is the specific program that the health budget goes.

3. Housing and Community are another one of the many government spendings. As part of this program, the government must provide the means for all people to have shelter, even those who are unemployed. That is why the Government allocates funds to support housing and community utilities.

4. The Government also spends tax on food for those who can not provide their own. This is part of the nutrition program of the government.

5. Advantages of former combatants. There are many benefits to veterans and their families. These benefits are education, housing, and funeral services.

6. Education. This is one of the best investments where your taxes go. Education is the basic foundation for producing excellent citizens of the community. Everyone who wants to go to school can enjoy this benefit regardless of age or race.