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How a Recruitment Agency Operates

When a client of the agency has a vacancy, whether full time or short-term, they will discuss their needs with a consultant. Consultants and Resourcer then discuss this in the institution and will examine their internal database of registered candidates to see if it contains anyone suitable for the role or not.
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If a suitable candidate is registered with the agency the agent will contact them either through a call or e-mail. Then they will wait for their feedback, whether they are interested in the job or not. 

If the candidates are interested, the consultants will begin the process to confirm their suitability for the position. There will be either a phone interview or technical tests before the details of the candidates are forwarded to the client.

The client then decides, sometimes in collaboration with the consultant, regarding whom they should hire as a permanent employee. If the candidate was placed in full-time employment in client companies, they will also have to sign a contract with the client.
The agency received its fee when a candidate joins the company. It is given either as a percentage of the hourly rates of candidates or a fixed cost that can be based on a percentage of the annual salary of full-time members of the company.